Things/situations/circumstances are ever-evolving.

As much as I believe that to survive and thrive, one has to adopt and adapt; however, some core values remain solid.

Unflinchingly you and yours.

Those core values may evolve over time.

Priorities change.

But who decides how one 'should' be?

Who created those parameters?

Those standards?

Those shoulds?

Compared to whom?

Some dots eventually connect.

And they do.

Most of our lives, we try to 'fit in' and be 'part' of the puzzle.

Feel the odd one.

But how do people bond?

Usually, with a mutual topic of interest.

Not everyone is interested in tv shows or movies.

Rave about politics.

Or follow trends.

I was a tomboy in a dress.

A quiet frontbencher.

An avid scribbler.

A notorious daydreamer.

An outsider.

A highly-sensitive mess of a human, to sum up.

Simultaneously, trying not to be 'too much' of something.

Everything that goes against cultural or societal 'standards'.

Until recently, while reminiscing and taking a walk down the memory lane, I realized I was THE puzzle all along.

Some things still have not changed.

I don't really sit down and watch tv.

I don't know what songs are hitting the charts.

I don't care about politics anymore.

I still feel like an outsider.

And as I have chosen a more spiritual and conscious take on life, it's even harder.

But I am no longer trying to fit in.

I already have myself.

And I am taking as much space as I need to bloom.

Would I change who I am?

A straight NO.

Do I want to evolve, grow, unlearn, and relearn?


Not at the expense of my inner peace.

Not following the crowd.

Not listening to the naysayers.

I know me.

I believe in me.

I choose me, every single day, and not as a societal compulsion, but as a personal choice.
This is not new.

Every day our inboxes get flooded with emails that create Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).

Rarely for the sake of helping, but selling something.

Hello to the false Modern World Marketing!

For the past few weeks, I had been noticing how I am receiving more emails than I am initiating a one-on-one conversational email/text.

Not that it's not a fault at my end.

But the 'subscribing' forces seem to be taking up most of my inbox space.

Lullaby-ing me into believing that I am doing my part and have consumed enough to last a day.

As a result, I am less productive. No joke.

Mind games.

My mind is a PRO player at this game.

But I am my mind's PRO. HA.

pros of unsubscribing

1.  Inbox is less cluttered, more organized.
2.  Higher productivity levels, I don't know what kinda sorcery is this, but it works.
3.  Focus shifts from consuming to creating.
4.  You can prioritize learning.
5.  Show your mind who's the boss.
Small, yet effective steps to make progress.

better eating choices

No, I am not talking about ABC diets.
+  Prepare home-cooked meals.
+  Choose wholesome ingredients.
+  Opt for nutrient-rich oils or ghee.
+  Make french fries with real potatoes.
+  Fill a portion of hunger with water.
+  Have a filling breakfast consisted of grains, eggs/cheese, and veggies.
+  Love pasta and pizza? Eat it like Italians.
+  Be creative with wholewheat flatbreads i.e. tortilla/roti/khubz.

drink enough water

What has helped me is:
+  A water-reminding app (or hüman).
+  Keeping the water bottle near me.
+  Important: Taking small sips, no gulping.

keep moving

I had a self-discovery:
+  15 minutes of exercise (any form) thrice a day is easier to accomplish than 45 minutes in one go.
+  7-10K steps a day, on a pedometer, feels like an achievement.
+  Managing time between routinely activities for 2 minutes of exercise is fun.
+  Posture awareness and stretching go hand-in-hand.

To begin, pick one small habit and do it for a few weeks. Continue adding more, according to your preferences. Just be consistently patient with yourself and breathe calmly.
It's a lifestyle change.

Fashion can be a facade, a depiction of your inner self, or a glimpse of your thought process. That is why some people have a capsule wardrobe or a certain sense of style.

It doesn't necessarily define them, but it helps them be who they are.

Some people prefer uniforms and capsule wardrobes because that can take the daily stress of choosing outfits away.

Plus, the wallet stays healthy.

When you have made up your mind to wear everything that exists in your wardrobe (unless there's a parachute), the rest of the process to embrace it would be easier.


This is crucial.

Keep the fabrics and cuts you love. Get rid of anything that doesn't fit you, your style, or your wardrobe.

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Once you have selected the to-stay pieces, organize them in an orderly/seasonal manner. Use different drawers, racks, and boxes to keep them visible.

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Bring out your creative side and let yourself have fun.

Build the outfits for the week ahead. Include the pieces that you haven't worn in the previous week.

You can create a Pinterest board and add the pins that are your style or what you aspire to be.


Invest in quality basics - a crisp white shirt, a tailored blazer/coat, or a pair of your go-to dress.

This will help you to have a solid foundation and you'd mix and match with more flow.

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I am sure you are, by now, done with 'don't follow the trends' advice. They might get a bad reputation, but how will we embrace new things if we don't try?

The trick is not to go overboard.

When you have a strong base of basics and style, trends won't hurt you. Some repeat after every few years and others never go away anyway.

never out-of-style:  Animal prints + checks + polka dots + stripes

current favorite:  Balloon sleeves


If you liked it enough to spend money on it, you deep down must have believed in looking REALLY good in it, right?

If that's not the case, why did you buy it? It doesn't make sense, yet most of us still make that mistake.

I know it's cliché, but it's a gentle reminder that confidence is key.


Or learn to sew.

If it doesn't fit, get it tailored.

If it's too tight, create something new or donate it.


If stacking three necklaces give you a polished look, then do it. Experiment with your rings.

Wear those silk scarves with dresses.

Experiment. Experiment. Experiment.


Have a little exchange party with your friends. Help to arrange each other's wardrobes.

Or ask someone you trust for their style advice.
We keep hearing about 'investment pieces'.

But what are they exactly?

The main motto behind an investment purchase is:

heirloom pieces:  They are timeless & classic pieces; their value increases with time like jewelry.

trendy pieces:  You can sell these at whatever price range you like while they are hot.

You know a little, sweet fact about clothes and shoes?

They deteriorate over-time.

You might think that spending a lump-sum of your hard-earned money on your desired purchases will survive a lifetime.

newsflash:  They won't.

So you might as well stay in your budget, but save for that Chanel bag you had been eyeing.

No one has the right to judge you for that.

However, the more, the merrier only works in the department of 'giving'.


When you catch yourself being an impulsive buyer, remind yourself that price is beyond money.

Think of price tag as time.

If you earn $25/hour and the thing you want to go for is priced at $500.

Ask yourself, is it worth your 20 hours?


There's a thing called caring.

Do you notice how we tend to take extra care of our expensive pieces?

Treat your inexpensive finds the same way and they'll last longer.

Not everyone can afford a $150 t-shirt.

People get a $15 tee and make it work.

And for some, $15 on a piece is an investment.



Focus on investing in yourself and not things.

Invest your love by being there for your people.

Invest your time by living the life you're proud of.

Invest your talent by following your heart.

Invest your life by planting a tree.

Invest your change by helping a person in need.