Choosing outfits is a hassle and a hustle, we all know that well.

But does it really have to be? I think not.

So here I am, with a checklist for your reference (and my own).

white button-down shirt

It's okay to have printed, loud shirts, but a white crisp shirt is a need.

Let's take a real scenario: You are running late for work, brunch, or a school presentation.

This is your easy way out.

But you should know, what you are after.

Some people like them slim and others, oversized.

What I pick is usually the latter choice that too from the Men's section.

Well, because.

neutral sweater

Do you notice how neutrals go with almost everything?

A chunky jumper or a fine knit sweater to wear with a button-down shirt instantly polishes the look.

tailored blazer / coat

When it comes to tailored outerwear (& basically everything), take inspiration from my favorite muse, Olivia Palermo.

Layering is the key.

A solid color suit, the better.

day-to-night dress / bottoms

Do you find yourself reaching for your black pieces every time?

It could probably mean that these particular pieces cover your needs well.

Is it the cut?

Or is it the breathability of the fabric?

Or it's the trendy balloon sleeves?

Or the weather made you pick it?

Notice the pattern of your choices & you'll find it easier to be conscious about your next purchases.

minimal accessories

As much as I love statement jewelry, fine jewelry is a better choice for everyday wear.

The same goes for sunglasses & a (neutral or printed) scarf.

Choose pieces that go with your personality.

flats / sneakers

Even if you don't walk walk walk, flats that don't give you blisters are a must-have.

Basic doesn't have to be boring.

In fact, white sneakers or black pointed-toe flat pumps can make your look in 100 seconds (assuming that's how long you take to wear shoes).

a structured bag

Our bags are mostly (about 99.9% of the time) a treasure chest.

You can find lipsticks to chocolate wrappers, but not a pen when you need one.

That's because they are usually a mess!

Get a bag and a wallet with compartments to keep your treasure in place.

Hard, but one can try.

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