Most of the time, we find ourselves reaching for wardrobe pieces that are either black or right in front of us.

It concludes one thing: We gotta find an effective way to organize our closets.

Depending on the routines and educational/professional needs.

Organizing your wardrobe in a way that displays everything the right way can help you know ー what you have and what you need to buy.

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1.  Blazers/Coats/Jackets
2.  Leather
3.  Satin/Silk
4.  Suede
5.  Velvet (unless heavy)

tips:  Store blazers, coats & jackets (especially anything leather and fur) in natural cotton storage bags to hang.

Unless it's the Winter. Duh, you need those cold-busters.

For slippery fabrics like satin & silk, use non-slip hangers.


depending on regular usage

1.  Cotton
2.  Corduroy
3.  Linen
4.  Jeans/Trousers
5.  Scarves

tip:  Use starch to keep cotton crisp and fresh.


1.  Tees
2.  Knitwear
3.  Lounge-wear

tip:  Store these in separate wire basket drawers.

For keeping socks together and jewelry untangled, you can use drawer dividers or compartments.

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