We keep hearing about 'investment pieces'.

But what are they exactly?

The main motto behind an investment purchase is:

heirloom pieces:  They are timeless & classic pieces; their value increases with time like jewelry.

trendy pieces:  You can sell these at whatever price range you like while they are hot.

You know a little, sweet fact about clothes and shoes?

They deteriorate over-time.

You might think that spending a lump-sum of your hard-earned money on your desired purchases will survive a lifetime.

newsflash:  They won't.

So you might as well stay in your budget, but save for that Chanel bag you had been eyeing.

No one has the right to judge you for that.

However, the more, the merrier only works in the department of 'giving'.


When you catch yourself being an impulsive buyer, remind yourself that price is beyond money.

Think of price tag as time.

If you earn $25/hour and the thing you want to go for is priced at $500.

Ask yourself, is it worth your 20 hours?


There's a thing called caring.

Do you notice how we tend to take extra care of our expensive pieces?

Treat your inexpensive finds the same way and they'll last longer.

Not everyone can afford a $150 t-shirt.

People get a $15 tee and make it work.

And for some, $15 on a piece is an investment.



Focus on investing in yourself and not things.

Invest your love by being there for your people.

Invest your time by living the life you're proud of.

Invest your talent by following your heart.

Invest your life by planting a tree.

Invest your change by helping a person in need.

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