Small, yet effective steps to make progress.

better eating choices

No, I am not talking about ABC diets.
+  Prepare home-cooked meals.
+  Choose wholesome ingredients.
+  Opt for nutrient-rich oils or ghee.
+  Make french fries with real potatoes.
+  Fill a portion of hunger with water.
+  Have a filling breakfast consisted of grains, eggs/cheese, and veggies.
+  Love pasta and pizza? Eat it like Italians.
+  Be creative with wholewheat flatbreads i.e. tortilla/roti/khubz.

drink enough water

What has helped me is:
+  A water-reminding app (or hüman).
+  Keeping the water bottle near me.
+  Important: Taking small sips, no gulping.

keep moving

I had a self-discovery:
+  15 minutes of exercise (any form) thrice a day is easier to accomplish than 45 minutes in one go.
+  7-10K steps a day, on a pedometer, feels like an achievement.
+  Managing time between routinely activities for 2 minutes of exercise is fun.
+  Posture awareness and stretching go hand-in-hand.

To begin, pick one small habit and do it for a few weeks. Continue adding more, according to your preferences. Just be consistently patient with yourself and breathe calmly.

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