This is not new.

Every day our inboxes get flooded with emails that create Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).

Rarely for the sake of helping, but selling something.

Hello to the false Modern World Marketing!

For the past few weeks, I had been noticing how I am receiving more emails than I am initiating a one-on-one conversational email/text.

Not that it's not a fault at my end.

But the 'subscribing' forces seem to be taking up most of my inbox space.

Lullaby-ing me into believing that I am doing my part and have consumed enough to last a day.

As a result, I am less productive. No joke.

Mind games.

My mind is a PRO player at this game.

But I am my mind's PRO. HA.

pros of unsubscribing

1.  Inbox is less cluttered, more organized.
2.  Higher productivity levels, I don't know what kinda sorcery is this, but it works.
3.  Focus shifts from consuming to creating.
4.  You can prioritize learning.
5.  Show your mind who's the boss.

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