Things/situations/circumstances are ever-evolving.

As much as I believe that to survive and thrive, one has to adopt and adapt; however, some core values remain solid.

Unflinchingly you and yours.

Those core values may evolve over time.

Priorities change.

But who decides how one 'should' be?

Who created those parameters?

Those standards?

Those shoulds?

Compared to whom?

Some dots eventually connect.

And they do.

Most of our lives, we try to 'fit in' and be 'part' of the puzzle.

Feel the odd one.

But how do people bond?

Usually, with a mutual topic of interest.

Not everyone is interested in tv shows or movies.

Rave about politics.

Or follow trends.

I was a tomboy in a dress.

A quiet frontbencher.

An avid scribbler.

A notorious daydreamer.

An outsider.

A highly-sensitive mess of a human, to sum up.

Simultaneously, trying not to be 'too much' of something.

Everything that goes against cultural or societal 'standards'.

Until recently, while reminiscing and taking a walk down the memory lane, I realized I was THE puzzle all along.

Some things still have not changed.

I don't really sit down and watch tv.

I don't know what songs are hitting the charts.

I don't care about politics anymore.

I still feel like an outsider.

And as I have chosen a more spiritual and conscious take on life, it's even harder.

But I am no longer trying to fit in.

I already have myself.

And I am taking as much space as I need to bloom.

Would I change who I am?

A straight NO.

Do I want to evolve, grow, unlearn, and relearn?


Not at the expense of my inner peace.

Not following the crowd.

Not listening to the naysayers.

I know me.

I believe in me.

I choose me, every single day, and not as a societal compulsion, but as a personal choice.

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